Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Research Network University of the Arts London (RNUAL)

Measuring where we are...

All first year PhD research students at the University of the Arts, London present their research at the end of their first year. We have to perform a 15 minute presentation followed by a 10 minute question and answer session to communicate our research and development. This provides us with an opportunity to introduce our research and source feedback from a multidisciplinary audience.

On Monday both Jane Scott and I presented our research. I found preparing the presentation a valuable exercise as it allowed me to reflect on my practice and research. Where does it sit within a fashion context? What are my future directions? How do I communicate my work? The questions and feedback identified new and current issues that require further consideration as we move our research forward through both theory and practice.

Its been hugely beneficial listening our my peers present...Connections can be made relating to their approach or process. We possibly sit within different research disciplines but are we applying a similar method or documenting our results in a similar format? I have found the presentation to be a valuable exercise and I am looking forward to watching the remaining presentations this week.


  1. hey Jennifer, unfortunately I couldnt join the sessions but if there is a chance to catch a glimpse on it in one way or another( powerpoint, paper), it would great !!!

  2. hello aurelie, of course. Ill send and quickly run through my power point during our skype meeting today and forward you any notes, observations I made as soon as I document them :)