Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Grass Roots Event

Grass Roots was an event organised for postgraduate students from Chelsea, Camberwell and Wimbledon. The two day site specific project was based at Crystal Palace on subjects around being and making. 

I attended with Clara from TED and several Chelsea MA students. We organised a fashion workshop called "Closet Confidential". Our workshop introduced the concept of emotionally durable design to the participants. We then asked each to select a piece of clothing that they were wearing and answer three questions:

1. Where did they acquire it?
2. What do they like about it?
3. How do they care for it?

The workshop was really engaging and I loved hearing every ones fashion stories. Some pieces of clothing were mended, some were found and reclaimed, others represented special memories... Everyone really cared about each item they talked about and would seek ways to "make do and mend" if they had the know how.

The event hosted a whole range of workshops and activities around climate change through being and making. We picked herbs and flowers within Crystal Palace and then brewed our own tea with a little help and guidance from the Tea Bike... The day closed with a chat from a speaker from Climate Camp who talked about lots of different ways to get involved. 

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