Thursday, 10 June 2010

Digital Relations in Architecture

A PhD Symposium organized by CITA to investigate the impacts & challenges of digital technologies on the way we build and understand space.

I have been part of the organization and I can't wait to present my work in such a context where 17 PhD from three research centres concerned with IT & Architecture: SIAL (Australia), Bartlett (Uk) and CITA (Dk) will be gathered in dialogue with key researchers in the field including, among others, Mark & Jane Burry, Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen or Sean Hanna.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

New Technologies in Digital Architecture

A bit far away to join but this sounds like a very interesting event for anybody concerns with the impacts of digital technologies on the way we build. Of particular interes is the speech by Ayelet Karmon as it involves textiles !

Friday, 4 June 2010

Call for embroiders

We're just embarking on an exciting project and are in search of keenembroiderers. Amit Rastogi of RCKC (the sari firm which is now a partner in the British Sari Story and Stitch) is planning a unique catwalk collection by one of his designers. It will be a collection with a difference - designed in India and embroidered in the UK i.e. completely the reverse of the usual run of things.

This is a first step in our plans to try and regenerate an embroidery industry in this country to supply samples for designers - giving (hopefully!) some of the people who have contributed or taken part in Stitch and the British Sari Story the chance to develop and use their skills. So I am spreading the word to anyone who might be interested: please email me. If you like to embroider and think you could contribute, please do think about coming on board. Geographical location doesn't matter too much -we can sort out logistics.

Initially it will be a question of getting a sample of your work to Amit, so he can start to put together a team. Look forward to hearing from you


Susan Roberts
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