Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Getting the best from People: how to chat cheerfully and successfully?

Getting People to Talk: An Ethnography & Interviewing Primer from Gabe & Kristy on Vimeo.

When I studied on my Mdes Course we called taking to our stakeholders cheerful chats, an informal process that captured insights for our research practice and development. But, when working towards designing something for the stakeholders who will ultimately use/ need/ want the end output - How do we capture their insights successfully? 

By this I mean - encouraging them to talk about what they really use/ need/ want. How to nurture them to feel comfortable enough to share their insights? And how to capture them without losing any valuable information in the process?

This video is a valuable tool.

I found it via Redjotter a fantastic blog by Lauren Currie on Service Design thinking, practice and innovation. A great resource for any service design enthusiasts! 

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Visual Research Methods

I have been doing lots of research into design thinking, research methods and visualisation. This diagram is a great tool for sourcing visual methods and concepts... Visit the website and hover over an icon which will expand each element further.

Fashion Comes to Life

Fashion Label Cassette Playa launched a t-shirt collection with a difference designed by Carri Munden in collaboration with the Digital Fashion Studio at London College of Fashion . The T-shirts have a small symbol similar to a barcode integrated into the graphic print.

Munden stated that “Cassette Playa is all about mixing reality and fantasy.” When viewed through a webcam or mobile phone they come to life through Augmented Reality - AR. This technology allows video, text and graphics to become animated to change shape and form.

Digital media is playing a significant role within London Fashion Week. The majority of the catwalk shows have been streamed live on via the internet with twitter integrated into their web platform. This supports a fashion dialogue and opens the arena up - to everyone!

Burberry have built a Marquee in the parade ground here at Chelsea and their catwalk collection will hit the runway in 3D! Want a front row seat? Visit London Fashion Week at 16.00 (3D glasses not provided)

Friday, 12 February 2010

Eco deco: sustainable interior design

Elisabeth Buecher & Aurélie Mossé from Puff & Flock have been invited to talk a at Ecobuild this year, so if you want to know more about textiles underpinned with ecological values, come to see us on the 3rd of march:

13.20 – 13.40 Eco chic – green fabrics and textiles don't have to be dowdy

The session will be hosted by Olivier Heath, gathering among other Annabelle Filer from SCIN and furniture designer Benjamin Hubert. Discover the full programme here.

Ecobuild, Earls Court, London
Thames Room