Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The Micro-Sociology of Networks

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Thinking Visually

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Writing a thesis abstract: tips

A practice-based PhD is still very much about writing. I would like to share a little tip with you regarding how to write an abstract, in particular a thesis abstract. This link is just a good recap to make up your mind before kick starting writing ;)

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

LCF Schway Graduate Collection

As part of my PhD research project I am exploring how digital media can be used to engage with fashion to promote sustainability. I have been trying and testing current technology and exploring alternatives.

Schway is an interactive fashion website that allows you to mix and match clothing. The application is designed to allow users to create new looks, share with friends via facebook and email and purchase through facilitated links to subscribed retailers online shops.

I was really excited to hear about further developments... a collaboration with London College of Fashion! This partnership has allowed students to present their final collections to the digital world in an interactive format.

Dr Julia Wolny, Course Leader at LCF and online fashion marketing expert stated that Schway provided the students with an excellent online platform to showcase their talent. With the online fashion sales growth far exceeding that of the traditional stores, we are looking to provide a digital experience that lets consumers co-create their look from the beautiful pieces our students have created.

This online showcase will be live until 30Th September but the collaborative relationship between Schway and LCF is growing. The next project will involve the whole Part Time portfolio of courses, including Fashion Business and Fashion Media, showcasing a sustainable collection developed as part of a DEFRA initiative.

As digital media evolves our fashion experiences are changing and I think this is a really exciting way of exhibiting work in a non traditional format. I cant wait to see how the new project transforms.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Vivienne Westwood Promotes Climate Change

All Images Source via active resistance.co.uk

Dame Vivienne Westwood appeared on Jonathan Ross last Friday to make an impassioned plea about climate change. She modelled one of her own creations to demonstrating her DIY ethos using seven metres of dutchess satin to construct a dress without sewing,  it was held together with rope cord and a belt. The dress was accessorised  with a safety pin necklace and she layered it over boxer shorts.

Her message was don’t spend money just wear what you can find, adopt DIY practice and use table clothes and curtains to create new looks. Buy less but choose well, if it’s dirty don’t wash it and over time it will look better.

Dame Westwood has been an advocate of action against climate change and has written a Manifesto, which promotes an active resistance to propaganda.  Urging the younger generation to become freedom fighters for her plight and to engage in art and culture.

website has been launched which hosts the manifesto,  photographs, past and present events, mini documentaries and VW's news blog and discussion forum.

Vivienne Westwood interviews Scientist James Lovelock in the current issue of Dazed and Confused. James Lovelock a scientist whose practice and research argues we are at a tipping point and direct action needs to be taken to prevent the horrific consequences of climate change…

co-designed dress with children of Nottingham

I watched Vivienne present her Manifesto at Dundee University last summer, where she was presented with an honorary degree. During a Q & A session she talked of a collaboration with school children (aged 7-8) from Nottingham who where were given a brief titled  “chaos point” which was communicated through narrative. They produced a collection of paintings inspired by the brief, which were then transferred as series of prints to Vivienne Westwood creations! I thought this was a lovely way to communicate climate change to a younger audience in an engaging, participative format. I think we all learn more by doing…

The website is an interesting resource and I enjoyed watching her interview with James Lovelock. In the documentary she urges people not to engage in passive experiences of consumer culture but instead dress up, walk tall and try to tackle the horrific opinions of the world… saying it can have a tremendous effect.

Designing Out Landfill

Just catching up on some events which I have attended.

 "Designing out Landfill" was an event organized by the Materials Knowledge Transfer Network. This free event was designed to increase knowledge in the field of sustainable clothing through focusing on new materials, processes and approaches. Through networking industry experts, designers and students they hope to raise awareness and reduce environmental impacts.

The event hosted a variety of speakers from design companies who are addressing sustainability to reduce/ reuse though their business model.

The first speaker Sophie Thomas co-founded greengaged a collaborative project through the design council and launched at The London Design Festival last year. 

Kresse Wesling from Eako Ltd talked about making eco-friendly lifestyle accessories from reclaimed waste. Eako have worked with the fire brigade to re-use discarded fire hoses, which reformed, into bags and belts. The belts are functionally and aesthetically desirable and Cameron Diaz models one in the June issue of US Vogue! Fifty percent of profits are returned to the fire brigade, which heavily relies on donations to support its service.

This talk demonstrated that discarded materials could be reused to produce desirable products. Kresse herself is an inspiration; she basically hangs out at landfill sites to identify new potential waste streams, which she will use if she can create a market or consumer story. 

Jonathan Petty from Patagonia talked about their brands journey to build a global empire based on environmental principles. They have employed sustainable practice and process for decades and the majority of their products are designed from organic or reclaimed materials.

Founded Yvon Chaunard was quoted saying “Every time I have done something for the environment, I have made a profit…”

For full information on the event visit the Material’s KTN website.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Measuring emotions

Premo seems like an interesting tool to learn from when dealing with emotions measurement.

Emotional responses elicited are difficult to measure because their nature is subtle (low intensity) and often mixed (more than one emotional response at the same time). However, scientific research at the Technical University of Delft by Dr. Pieter Desmet has resulted in an instrument, PrEmo, to measure emotions. Since then, PrEmo has been further developed by SusaGroup and TUDelft, resulting in a new and improved interface and character.

Discover all about it on Premo Website