Saturday, 11 July 2009

Measuring emotions

Premo seems like an interesting tool to learn from when dealing with emotions measurement.

Emotional responses elicited are difficult to measure because their nature is subtle (low intensity) and often mixed (more than one emotional response at the same time). However, scientific research at the Technical University of Delft by Dr. Pieter Desmet has resulted in an instrument, PrEmo, to measure emotions. Since then, PrEmo has been further developed by SusaGroup and TUDelft, resulting in a new and improved interface and character.

Discover all about it on Premo Website


  1. thats really interesting Aurelie... Im going to read more about it. thank you for the post :)

  2. welcome phdmate ;) i think it is interesting as an inspiration to design our own tools...

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  4. Cheers! You have really allured me; I have no words to explain my feelings about your post.