Wednesday, 22 July 2009

LCF Schway Graduate Collection

As part of my PhD research project I am exploring how digital media can be used to engage with fashion to promote sustainability. I have been trying and testing current technology and exploring alternatives.

Schway is an interactive fashion website that allows you to mix and match clothing. The application is designed to allow users to create new looks, share with friends via facebook and email and purchase through facilitated links to subscribed retailers online shops.

I was really excited to hear about further developments... a collaboration with London College of Fashion! This partnership has allowed students to present their final collections to the digital world in an interactive format.

Dr Julia Wolny, Course Leader at LCF and online fashion marketing expert stated that Schway provided the students with an excellent online platform to showcase their talent. With the online fashion sales growth far exceeding that of the traditional stores, we are looking to provide a digital experience that lets consumers co-create their look from the beautiful pieces our students have created.

This online showcase will be live until 30Th September but the collaborative relationship between Schway and LCF is growing. The next project will involve the whole Part Time portfolio of courses, including Fashion Business and Fashion Media, showcasing a sustainable collection developed as part of a DEFRA initiative.

As digital media evolves our fashion experiences are changing and I think this is a really exciting way of exhibiting work in a non traditional format. I cant wait to see how the new project transforms.

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