Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Where Art, Technology and Design meet

Some of the most exciting papers from the Ambience 11 Conference are now available in the last issue of Studies in Material Thinking, a peer-reviewed online journal dedicated to artistic and design research. This special issue explores the intersection between art, design and teechnology, with a strong focus on the design of intelligent textiles. TFRC is well represented with publications from Carole Collet, Jane Scott and Aurélie Mossé. The journal is of free access so feel free to find out more about these exciting textile projects:

An Interactive Textile Hanging: Textile, Context, and Interaction
Delia Dumitrescu, Hanna Landin and Anna Vallgårda

BioLace: An Exploration of the Potential of Synthetic Biology and Living Technology for Future Textiles
Carole Collet

Listener: A Probe Into Information Based Material Specification
Mette Ramsgard Thomsen and Ayelet Karmon

Working Patches
Kristina Lindström and Åsa Ståhl

I Mirabilia, taking care of the emotional life of hospitalised children
Erika Rossi, Gillian Crampton Smith and Philip Tabor

Towards Interconnectivity: Appropriation of Responsive Minimum Energy Structures in an Architectural Context
Aurélie Mossé, David Gauthier and Guggi Kofod

Knitting Moves: Bio-inspired Transformable Textiles for knitted Architecture
Jane Scott

Textiles: Alternative Forms of Malleability
Rhett Russo and Katrin Mueller-Russo

Wearable Technologies: From Performativity to Materiality
Valérie Lamontagne

Aura: Wearable Devices for Non-verbal Communication between Expectant Parents
Marco Righetto, Gillian Crampton Smith and Philip Tabor

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