Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Fashion Comes to Life

Fashion Label Cassette Playa launched a t-shirt collection with a difference designed by Carri Munden in collaboration with the Digital Fashion Studio at London College of Fashion . The T-shirts have a small symbol similar to a barcode integrated into the graphic print.

Munden stated that “Cassette Playa is all about mixing reality and fantasy.” When viewed through a webcam or mobile phone they come to life through Augmented Reality - AR. This technology allows video, text and graphics to become animated to change shape and form.

Digital media is playing a significant role within London Fashion Week. The majority of the catwalk shows have been streamed live on via the internet with twitter integrated into their web platform. This supports a fashion dialogue and opens the arena up - to everyone!

Burberry have built a Marquee in the parade ground here at Chelsea and their catwalk collection will hit the runway in 3D! Want a front row seat? Visit London Fashion Week at 16.00 (3D glasses not provided)

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