Friday, 20 March 2009

DIY Fashion - Make Do and Mend Trend

Is the recession encouraging people to adopt DIY methods?

Reports by several retailers show that there has been a huge increase in sewing machine and haberdashery sales within the last twelve months. According to John Lewis ( march, 2009) sales of knitting and dressmaking equipment are powering ahead - knitting needles are up by 7 per cent and sewing machines by 34 per cent.

There is also a growing trend in dressmaking classes and knitting / sewing groups as people are opting to make their own rather than buying. Following the "make do and mend" ethos similar to that introduced during the war effort, people are becoming more creative and resourceful. I think this is an exciting time, as people are adopting traditional craft techniques that were so close to becoming lost due to the fast and disposable nature of high street fashion.

I have posted a short video by Etsy called "The Handmade's Tale" which shows how craft provides an alternative to mass production.


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