Thursday, 19 March 2009

Domestic Probe - Call for participants

The Home at the Digital Era

Aurélie, as a part of her PhD project in textile design, is looking for volunteers to take part into her Domestic Probe called Home at the Digital Era, a research investigating what the notion of home encompasses nowadays. The idea of this Domestic Probe is to engage with real people and real domestic spaces to understand how home looks like today and what the notion of domesticity means in a contemporary context, within real people’s life.

Goal : This project takes place within the frame of a PhD project in Tectonic Textiles, undertaken in CITA, Centre for IT & Architecture, Copenhagen and hopes to gather up-dated data about the perception of the contemporary home, susceptible to inspire design ideas for smart textiles.

Why I need you? Your active participation will encourage going beyond traditional clichés about the home as well as gathering authentic up-to-date data about contemporary domestic spaces.

What are you supposed to do? I would like to ask you to become a one-day special correspondent of the domestic, reporting about your own home. If you decide to join the research, you will be asked to respond to these two main tasks.

  • First of all, to take several pictures about your home. A disposable camera will be kindly provided if you don’t have access to a digital camera.
  • Answer quick questions about you and your home.

The datas collected (pictures and survey) have to be sent back along with the consent form, by the end of march, preferably by email, if not by post at the details mentioned below.

Profile Any volunteer from 18 years old is more than welcome to join the research. I am interested in the most diversified profiles, whether your home is a castle, a single room or a tent. The most important is your motivation.

So would you like to contribute to this research?

For full information, please find here:

  • The survey form with all the tasks required from you
  • The consent form, attesting your participation and understanding of the research process

If you feel ready, just go ahead and send the information back to Aurélie when done.

If you are still hesitating, feel free to ask Aurélie any question:

Aurélie Mossé, PhD student,Centre for IT & Architecture, School of Architecture, Philip de Langes allé 10, 1435 Copenhagen, Denmark

Tel +45 32 68 66 54


  1. Hi,
    I'd LOVE to do it! Will fill in the forms and get them back to you this afternoon when a bit quieter at work!

  2. The research is still on so if you are still interested your opinion is more than welcome. Any question please contact me directly at the email address mentionned ! Apologizes I didn't see your message before !!!