Saturday, 28 April 2012

Digital Play - 3rd May - Munich

By the use of more and more complex building automation and communication technologies architecture increasingly turns into adaptive systems, which react to the environment and the user. Architects and designers have to use these technologies also as a design medium and develop a digital sensuality which is more than the simulation of our physical environment.

At the occasion of the launch of the book Digital Utopia, We-are-plan-A is organising an evening talk at the Technical University of Munich entitled Digital Play. Together with´Fabian Hemmert (Design Research Lab, Berlin), Conny Freyer (Troika, London) and Dr. Silke Claus (bayern design), I will address the playful and sensual experiences and possibilites offered by digital technologies.

 This evening is the last of a total of 4-part series of events linked to the publicaiton of "Digital Utopia - On dynamic architectures, digital sensuality and spaces of tomorrow" to be released in May 2012 by the Academy of Arts, Berlin.

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