Thursday, 20 May 2010

Diffus Design Worklab 1.- 4. juni

The theme of the worklab is interactive textiles, soft circuits and alternative energy. We will investigate different kinds of textile conductive techniques, use of photovoltaic materials and Arduino Lilypads. The worklab will include an individual introduction to the Lilypad, programming and conductive materials. The final result will be a group project presented to the public, making an environmental statement with alternative use of solar cells, LEDs, optical fibres, thermocromic ink or other materials that offers an interactive approach to textiles.

We are working from the point of view that what you see is what you get. Electronics and circuits are not hidden, but becomes a crucial part of the expression and the aesthetics. There has always to some degree been alienation in the relation between man and technology – on the other hand textiles are the most integrated material in our everyday life. What happens when new technology gets integrated with the well-known textiles. Our everyday use of textiles combined with our everyday need for electronic devices to guide and amuse us will be the essential starting point of the workshop, theoretically as well as practically.

The worklab is a part of the e-textile project Soft Technology at Atelier Nord. The project is supported by the Norwegian Arts Council and Nordic Culture Point.

In addition to the project group of invited textile and media artists, there are three spaces available for other participants in the work group. Please apply by using the form at Atelier Nord

Experience with e-textiles and programming is required.
Application deadline: 15 May 2010.
Participants fee: NOK 500


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