Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Archibots workshop | Ubicomp 2009 | Orlando

Taking part within the larger community of Ubicomp,I recently attended Archibots, a workshop organized by Keith Green and Mark D.Gross dedicated to architectural robotics. The workshop aimed to identify opportunities and challenges in research and education in the emerging area of “Architectural Robotics” - intelligent and adaptable physical environments at all scales, and gathered specialists in the field, from architects to roboticists including designers dealing with interactivity.

From papers review to debates and video-sketching, it was a really enriching day where we have been envisioning what the future of architectural robotics may become in 2019. I was particularly interested in the emerging idea of soft robotics (Omar Khan), what Michael Fox states as the end of Architectural robotics towards the idea of ‘biological robotics’ (Michael Fox). You can catch a glimpse on the extended abstracts of the papers presented as well as the video sketches produced during this productive day. My own paper will be the object of another post.

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