Sunday, 20 September 2009

Constellation Wallpaper at Eco-Home exhibition

9th of october till 7th of february

At the occasion of the Eco-Home exhibition organized by the Geffrye Museum, I will have the opportunity to present my Constellation Wallpaper, an energy-storing wallpaper concept.

The show itself will address widespread and increasing interest in the way that climate change and the state of the planet affects our homes and the way we use, decorate and inhabit them.It is supported by John Lewis.

Eco Home will examine current ideas around eco living in an informative and timely way. The climate change agenda is having an impact on almost every area of life and the home is no exception.Recycling and saving energy have, for some, been part of daily life for generations, and is today enjoying a resurgence as well as new significance and urgency.The mantra ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ is prompting us to rethink our habits and behaviour. This exhibition will offer visitors food for thought on what they can do to make small but important eco changes in their homes.

We are now being encouraged to think about saving resources like water and electricity and turning to renewable sources.People are also beginning to consider the impact of industrial production methods and responsible sourcing. Eco Home will investigate how so-called ‘green’ issues have entered our domestic spaces, using both products that are already well established in the marketplace as well as futuristic prototypes.

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