Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Alternative Fashion Week

Spitalfield market hosted Alternative Fashion Week from 20-24 April. The event was organised by the alternative arts organisation and was free to participate. Welcoming a host of  designers, showcasing up to 15 per day and attracting an audience of aprox 10,000 people!

With sponsorship this year  from Rescue Cream, Hammerson and the Spitalfields Estate the event supported designers and models. The models take part in a modeling course prior to the event and are trained by a top choreographer - allowing them to gain some valuable experience.

I attended the event on the Thursday and Friday and was amazed by the quantity and quality of the creations hitting the catwalk. A number of different themes were explored by the designers such as sustainability through recycling, upcycling and ethical sourcing. New techniques were tried and tested through material exploration, fabric manipulation, volume, colour and scale... And new contexts were addressed through traditional, historical and futuristic ensembles. 

I think the Friday was a fantastic finale which showcased work from TRAIDLondon Printworks Trust and closed with work from Chelsea College of Art and Design

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