Thursday, 12 February 2009

EX-MACHINA Exploring digital manufacturing in fine art, crafts and design practice

ARTQUEST presents Ex Machina, a one-day conference that explores the myriad ways in which visual practitioners are embracing and exploiting new technologies in order to produce contemporary work. These could include Rapid Prototyping Technology, CNC milling and 3D digital printing.
Through the presentation of a historical overview and current case studies the conference will show how artists have repeatedly exploited technologies and in fact are often early adopters of new tools, materials and techniques that have historically been developed for other industries.
The purpose of this Artquest event is to develop critical awareness, knowledge and understanding of the scope and potential of current technologies available, through demonstrating their application by artists, craftspeople and designers.
The day will conclude with a visit to Metropolitan Works in order to view a forthcoming exhibition about the use of RPT by fine artists, craftspeople and designers and to introduce delegates to the range of facilities and expertise in London.

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