Monday, 26 January 2009

Phd Tectonic Textiles

Aurélie Mossé, Constellation Wallpaper, Research artefact for Philips Design, 2007

Aurélie Mossé is currently undertaking an International PhD in Tectonic Textiles within CITA, Centre for IT & Architecture, Copenhagen in collaboration with TFRG, Textiles Futures Research Group, London. The project is fully funded by the Danish Government.

Aurélie’s current research about Energy-harvesting & Self-actuating textiles in the Design of Domestic Spaces is questioning the role smart textiles can play in a domestic context, how they can be implemented to encourage a more sustainable lifestyle. The project will investigate tangible scenarios for responsive textile architecture and will explore how textiles can embed innovative technologies in our interiors, with a specific interest for photovoltaic & responsive textiles. The research process will explore a combination of practice-based and design methodologies to address the potential of these soft technologies for living architectural surfaces.

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